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Innovation is an integral part of our corporate strategy and one pillar for future growth. Our focus is on innovation projects that meet certain success criteria: market-driven, future-oriented, geared to customers’ needs and aligned to our customers’ as well as our strategic goals.


Our innovation process is structured as an end-to-end process. It starts and ends with our customer. The innovation power of MEHLER and its innovation network is strong and clearly structured. In addition to intense cooperation with our customers, we develop innovative solutions together with institutes, universities and selected partner companies and suppliers.

Our technical experts work closely together with our clients. The customers receive continuous feedback on all key stages of the development process and get complete transparency in the project plan. We define warning signals, thus recognize critical situations at short notice always keep an eye on the time defined ‘time-to-market’. After the product has been launched on the market, we will continue to be in regular contact with our customers and closely coordinate any desired production optimizations.

Our two R&D centers are located in our headquarters in Fulda / Germany and in our production plant in Famalicão / Portugal.

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More Information

RF-free treatment solution

Our experts developed a sustainable, RF-free and CO²-neutral treatment for Mechanical Rubber Goods (MRG) reinforced by technical textiles. The innovative treatment solution MehlerSustainAdhesiveMSA – consists of natural components and contributes to a responsible treatment of the environment, people and our future. Learn more about it by taking a look at our video: (available in English only):

BasaTexx FP

Fireproof Membranes

BasaTexx FP is an innovative, high-performance technical fabric made of Basalt and treated with a fire-resistant coating. Through the interaction of the mineral fiber material with a special elastomer coating, a non-combustible, flexible, and lightweight tarpaulin or composite material was created.

The new developed fabric can be used for multifunctional applications and system solutions. Wherever high fire protection requirements are necessary and the general fire load has to be reduced, BasaTexx FP is the perfect lightweight material solution. The fabric meets the requirements of building material class A2-s1,d0 according to DIN 4102-1 and EN 13501-1 (equals to ISO 1182).

BasaTexx FP is characterized by a high flame retardancy and temperature resistance (up to 1.200 °C / 2,200 °F); high tensile and compressive strengths; UV-, chemical and corrosion resistance and no melting and dripping behaviour when exposed to fire.

Scroll down for more details and take a look at our detailed BasaTexxFP Product Sheet.

Interested in BasaTexx FP or MSA? Contact our experts:

Global Sales Director
Specialty Fabrics

airsprings, tracks, hoses, geotextiles, roofing, flooring, shading & others

Phone: +49 661 103 574

Sales Manager
Specialty Fabrics

geotextiles, flooring, roofing, shading & others

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Sales Manager
Specialty Fabrics

airsprings, tires, tracks, hoses, geotextiles, roofing, flooring, shading & others

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shapes the future

With our knowledge and experience, we contribute to transfer ideas into value-added solutions for the benefit of our customers.


We offer a wide range of yarns and fabrics, which combine high functionality with low weight.

Fire- and Heat-resistant Textiles

We develop tailor-made fabrics that cover the entire spectrum from standaridzed specifications to the highest requirements in terms of fire- and heat-resistance.

High-Performance Materials

We continuously test new high-performance materials developed by our suppliers, as well as new finishes and coatings, and integrate them into our value-added solutions for the market.


Hybrids are combinations of different materials in a twist or fabric. With textile hybrids, the best properties of different raw materials can be combined. This offers a multitude of new possibilities in specific areas of applications.

Ribbon fabrics

We develop ribbon fabrics up to a width of 15 mm. Our process ensures a twist-free weft thread in the final fabric to achieve optimum functionality. We can process several yarn materials and types, including fiber composites.

Grid and Scrim Fabrics

With our innovative production processes, we are able to realize all kinds of grid and scrim structures in one production process - from weaving to finishing and strengthening (with SBR, PVC, dispersion or acrylate).

RF-free Adhesives

We offer our sustainable RF-free (resorcinol formaldehyde-free) treatment solution MSA - MEHLER SUSTAIN ADHESIVE to combine textiles with various types of rubber.

Multilayer fabrics

With our special weaving machines, we are able to create 3D structures and multi-layered fabrics.

Wire mesh

Our technology is designed to integrate metals and mineral fibers into our weaving processes.

Industry 4.0

We continuously invest in and develop our global production network. One of our long-term goals is to combine operating and information technology into a network of smart factories and machines.