In addition to the production of technical yarns and fabrics, our offer includes a powerful service offering that adds essential value to your business and minimizes your risks.

In terms of quality conformance with product specifications, we have established state-of-the-art quality control procedures to ensure that our product quality meets the specifications and always remains at the same high level.

In addition, we manage the regional and global supply chain of hundreds of raw materials. To make sure that our products are available on time, whenever customer needs them.


Throughout the product life cycle we provide technical support and expertise advise on our products and solutions. Before a product leaves our site, we carefully check whether the product quality meets the specification requirements. In case of any technical issues during downstream processes or end-use, our well-trained technical experts are available to help and to solve problems. This includes lab testing, analysis and on-site support. Our customers buy not just a product, but all the technical and related services. Just contact us.


We are the right partner for laboratory tests of technical textiles and related raw materials such as raw yarns and chemicals. We use state-of-the-art laboratory equipment to carry out basic tests as well as highly specialized tests and analyses. Every order is tested and approved in advance before being delivered and the test results are documented in quality test certificates which are handed over to the customer. Our lab experts also provide the laboratory support our customers need in order to conduct their day-to-day business efficiently and to achieve their product research, development, and quality goals. Our experienced lab experts guarantee reliable and fast results. If you are interested in our lab analysis program, please contact us.

Take a look at some of our lab tests:


MEHLER is a strong development partner and highly committed to playing a key role in innovation. We see that megatrends will disrupt some markets with complete new technologies over the next few years. Technical textiles will play an increasingly important role in such developments. MEHLER has a unique team of research and development experts, a strong innovation network and is well positioned and already fully involved in these developments.

Product Development includes small product modifications, e.g. to optimize product performance in a downstream process as well as completely new technical textiles that are used for new technologies such as e-cars. We operate our Product Development in Fulda/Germany and in Famalic√£o/Portugal.

Every time we develop a product, we work closely with our customers to manage project goals, time, resources and any kind of deviations. Our Product Development process -from the original idea to sampling, piloting and serial production- is standardized and highly efficient to meet the requirements and to minimize time-to-market.