Markets & Applications

Our customers work in demanding environments and create special solutions for end-use markets. They rely on MEHLER as an experienced, trustfull and strong development partner and technical textile producer. By working closely together with our customers we do not only meet the demands of today – we also always keep an eye on the challenges of tomorrow.

Take a look at the most diverse markets and applications of our technical textiles:



Our industrial customers rely on MEHLER. We offer textile solutions for various industrial applications An important topic is the use of textiles to reinforce different types of rubber products. In addition, our textiles are used to provide specific functionality for industrial processes, such as the use as a liner or impregnation fabric, or as textile-based composite materials.



The mobility market includes segments such as bicycles, motorcycles, cars, trucks, boats, ships, rail transport and aviation. We provide textile yarn and textile fabric solutions for many applications, including the reinforcement of tires, belts, hoses and air springs. We are certified according to IATF 16949, the internationally recognized standard in the automotive industry.



MEHLER focuses on specific applications to make a difference in the construction markets. We provide textiles for reinforcement and stabilization tasks as lightweight construction components, and provide specific functionalities that cannot be achieved with conventional construction materials. In addition, we see an increasing pressure from governments and authorities to provide advanced solutions. One example is heat- and fire-resistant textiles, in which MEHLER develops cutting-edge solutions in cooperation with strong partner companies, that will change the market.



Our defense & protection market customers operate in extreme situation where safety, reliability and protection are critical. MEHLER has proven to be a qualified, experienced and trustworthy development partner. We provide reliable solutions for defense, combat, emergency, surveillance and law enforcement situations. any defense applications require high performance fibers such as aramid, glass, carbon, basalt, ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHWMPE) and liquid-crystal polymers (LCP) fibers, as well as specific treatments or coatings.



Agriculture is a big market for technical textiles. Agro-textiles are used in fields such as crop production, horticulture, forestry and animal farms. We offer solutions for sun protection, weather protection, weed protection, soil coverings, bird protection, insect nets and textile-based packaging material for agricultural products. In addition, we provide reinforcement solutions for rubber-based products such as agro-vehicle tires and conveyor belts.

Sport and Leisure


Technical textiles are increasingly used in consumer goods, such as in the sports and leisure sector. Many applications require technical yarns and fabrics to ensure stability and security. We use our knowledge and technologies to provide selected consumer goods with powerful features.