BasaTexx FP – Light and resistant

MEHLER’s fireproof BasaTexx FP fabric, made from Basalt rocks and treated with an fire-resistant coating, is characterized by its exceptional properties. Beyond its main attribute of fire resistance, discover some additional key features of BasaTexx FP:

  • Lightweight excellence
    BasaTexx FP sets a new benchmark for lightweight, non-combustible, flexible fabrics. This makes it the ideal choice for applications where low weight is an important factor alongside fire resistance.
  • Exceptional strength
    Thanks to its high tensile and compressive strength, BasaTexx FP offers a high level of reliability and ensures a long durability and thus a long service life of the end products.
  • UV, chemical and corrosion resistance
    BasaTexx FP withstands harsh conditions. The fabric provides long-lasting protection in a variety of environments.

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